About Us

We believe in challenging the status quo.

This belief seeps into everything we do, say and buy. And it’s evident in the products we create.

Our cookie started as an answer to the question, “Why is it just a given that gluten-free cookies will taste subpar? Why is that acceptable AND why is it okay to charge double for something that doesn’t even taste very good? What if there was a GF cookie that tasted even better than the “real” thing?”

Several batches later, an amazing gluten-free cookie was created that has won over even the biggest skeptics.

We then asked a similar question about the edibles market and the idea for our first product was born.

Our cookie is just the beginning.

The Elemental Brand is committed to bringing high-quality products to the market that will evolve the relationship between modern culture and the ever-growing cannabis industry.

Elevate your life with us.